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You can participate in Aventy taking advantage of one of our opportunities: become an Independent   Rep. or having your very  own e-commerce website.

This is your opportunity, it's your choice, it's your time.  Take the first step towards the rest of your life!


Your own online business.. 

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The Business Opportunity

The Aventy Community is defined by a revolutionary and state of the art  system with an amazing opportunity for more time,  greater income and more freedom.


We are bringing a business opportunity and financial freedom to thousands of people just like you who have realized the amazing potential of the Aventy community.


With Aventy you can participate in the community by becoming an independent distributor as a:


Business Associate

Offer our products and services.

Business Affiliate

Have your own Webstore were you can make money on every sale of products or services done through your webstore, be it you or one of your customer.

Associate Distributor

You can have your own Webstore were you can make extra money from all the sales of products and services done though your Webstore. You can also have residual income from your affiliate team.


As an Aventy Associate Distributor, you're positioned to enjoy Aventy’s advantage with a Team to start on a fast track to success with:


1.    State-of-the-art online virtual office where all of your contacts, orders, and commission are tracked for you automatically.

2.   Personalized website that makes it a snap to run your business online.

3.   Multiple Webstores that can be individually branded.

4.   Thorough training that helps you run a successful business.

5.   Great marketing and report tools.

6.   Community buying power.

From day one, you will enjoy all the tax benefits of being an entrepreneur, as well as the confidence you can have in a company that is placing all the best internet tools at your hands, a sales and marketing team, and a friendly customer support staff absolutely dedicated to your success.

Get started with Aventy right now!













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